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Transcend Platform

biOasis Technologies Inc. has developed and is now commercializing a ground-breaking platform for the delivery of therapeutic compounds across the blood-brain barrier and into the Central Nervous System for the treatment of neurological diseases, including, but not limited to brain cancers, neurodegenerative and metabolic diseases. With the ability to transport therapeutics of almost any type and size across the blood-brain barrier, the Transcend Platform is now being licensed to biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies for the advancement of their neurotherapeutic programs.

The Original Transcend

Transcend is based on the naturally occurring human transport protein, melanotransferrin, also called MTf, CD228 and p97. Found at low concentrations in the blood, MTf is able to cross the BBB through a process called Receptor Mediated Transcytosis where MTf molecules attach to receptors on the cells of the BBB and is then pulled through the cells and into the brain. With biOasis’ proprietary Transcend carrier, the MTf protein can be attached to therapeutics of varying sizes and types. When infused or injected as therapeutics, the resulting structures attach themselves to two currently known BBB receptors (not transferrin receptors) and are pulled across the BBB where the therapeutic payloads are delivered to the brain. biOasis has shown that Transcend can deliver a wide variety of therapeutics to the brain, including antibodies, enzymes, small molecule drugs and gene therapies such as siRNA, which together are expected to treat neurological diseases in several areas, including, but not limited to, brain cancers and neurodegenerative and metabolic diseases.

MTfp, The Breakthrough Peptide Carrier

Through extensive research, the biOasis team identified the peptide portion within MTf that was responsible for crossing the BBB. biOasis has also developed a comprehensive suite of linkers that provide the means of linking MTfp with the broad spectrum of neurotherapeutics.

Compared to the full-size MTf, MTfp provides several important advantages, including:

  •  MTfp is less than 2% of the size of the original MTf protein.
  •  MTfp transports therapeutic agents across the BBB more readily than the original Transcend.
  •  In studies so far, MTfp does not affect the half life or efficacy of its therapeutic payload.
  •  The simple structure of MTfp allows fusion proteins and conjugates to be manufactured at a fraction of the cost of MTf structures. • Quality Assurance is far easier with MTfp than with MTf.
  •  MTfp allows for rapid and reproducible synthesis of Transcend-based therapeutics.
  •  MTfp has a longer shelf life than MTf, resulting in longer storage times.
  •  MTfp has a higher commercial value than MTf.

The Transcend Platform has achieved a significantly high level of success in dozens of studies at over twenty third-party institutions and pharmaceutical companies. biOasis has acquired full patent protection for its Transcend suite of peptide carriers and linkers. biOasis is actively engaged in the commercialization of its proprietary Transcend Platform with licensing opportunities available to the pharmaceutical industry for the transport of therapeutic agents across the BBB and into the central nervous system.