Mr. Rob Hutchison: CEO & Chairman

Rob is the former founder, CEO & Chief Scientist of eCharge Corporation. Rob has extensive experience in the development and commercialization of technologies and has vast intellectual property experience.


Dr. Reinhard Gabathuler: Chief Scientist

Reinhard has over 25 years experience in research in academia and in early stage development companies (start-ups) and a broad knowledge of scientific research from Plant Biochemistry to Immunology, Oncology and Neurology. He has been very successful in a research results driven environment and is a strong leader with planning and interpretation skills acquired in early stage biotechnology companies.


Dr. Mei Mei Tian: Senior Scientist

Mei Mei is a graduate from The University of British Columbia where she obtained her PhD – Thesis topic MTf – P97. Mei Mei worked on the P97 team at UBC for over 10 years and is a significant contributor to the expanding of our Technology, specifically MTfp.


Ms. Judi Dalling LLB: CFO

Judi Dalling is a retired lawyer with experience in corporate and securities law. She also has a strong accounting background, having been controller and business manager of a major magazine publishing enterprise for over 20 years. Ms. Dalling currently works with various reporting companies, providing legal, accounting and administration services.



Kim Elton: Director of Marketing

Kim Elton has been active in marketing and communications for print, video and online media for more than 30 years. A close ally of biOasis since its inception, Kim is the founder of Strut Media Group, where he works with clients to create clear communications strategies that will achieve maximum impact in an evolving marketplace.