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Licensing The Transcend Platform – A New Era in Neuroscience

At biOasis, we believe that the pharmaceutical industry may be on the threshold of a new era in neuroscience where drug delivery to the brain may be no more difficult than to the rest of the body, the costs similar, and efficacy being dependent solely on the underlying therapeutic, and not on invasive and unnatural delivery mechanisms.

The technology to advance these new neurotherapeutics is available now. The Transcend Platform consists of peptide carriers and a diverse suite of linkers that biOasis believes will provide the pharmaceutical industry with a natural transport solution to the Central Nervous System for a host of therapeutics. Studies indicate that The Transcend Platform has the capability to transport molecules of widely varying sizes and types including monoclonal antibodies, enzymes, small molecules, siRNA and other types of gene therapies for the development and commercialization of treatments for brain cancers, metabolic diseases, neurodegenerative diseases and a host of other CNS disorders.

The broad capabilities of the Transcend Platform and its strong patent portfolio allow biOasis to offer flexible and comprehensive Transcend licenses to the pharmaceutical industry for the advancement of their CNS therapeutics through the laboratory, and the potential to advance therapeutics through clinical trials and to commercial markets. biOasis has successfully completed studies with dozens of Transcend fusion proteins and conjugates at over twenty third-party institutions and pharmaceutical companies. Representative pharmacokinetic and efficacy data from several of these studies are available for assessment by qualifying pharmaceutical companies and institutions.

Licensing agreements between biOasis and pharmaceutical companies are complex and require each participant to exchange intellectual property information and commercial agendas. Negotiations produce agreements on a host of complex scientific, commercial and legal issues for both companies. In the end, biOasis licenses are designed to help advance the interests of both participants. Licenses can be expected to contain complex terms with financial terms that may include any combination of up-front payments, milestone payments, royalties or other exchanges of value.

biOasis experts provide licensees with broad guidance from the comprehensive Transcend Knowledge Base, including fusion protein construction methodology, pharmacokinetic measurement and assessment methods and requirements, licensee intellectual property protection as it relates to Transcend and other matters designed to enable the advancement of our licensees’ neurotherapeutic programs.

Potential licensees are advised that discussions, and licensed studies are already underway for many neurotherapeutics and indications.

For more information about Transcend Platform licensing opportunities, please contact:

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