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The blood-brain barrier (“BBB”) consists of a vast network of capillaries, tiny blood vessels that deliver oxygen, nutrients and other necessities to brain cells and carry waste materials away. As in the rest of the body, the walls of the BBB capillaries consist of a single layer of endothelial cells. However, the junctions between the endothelial cells of the BBB capillaries are tightly joined, preventing undesirable substances from passing from the blood, between the cells and into the brain tissue.

The endothelial cells that form this formidable barrier do allow the transport of desirable molecules between the blood and the brain. Unique physiological mechanisms allow sugars, minerals, proteins, waste materials and other substances to pass through the BBB, maintaining the delicate chemical balance of the brain.

This exchange of substances takes place through channels and receptors found on the surfaces of the BBB endothelial cells. For instance, molecules of melanotransferrin (“MTf”), the protein upon which the biOasis’ Transcend Platform is based, attach themselves to receptors on BBB endothelial cells and are ferried through the cells into the brain where they deliver their normal payloads of iron.

A technology that would allow the transport of therapeutics across the BBB would address a large unmet medical need in neurological medicine. The BBB is the limiting factor in developing treatments for a host neurological diseases. More than 98% of small molecule drugs and almost 100% of larger biologic drugs (antibodies, enzymes, etc.) cannot enter the brain in therapeutic concentrations because of the BBB.

biOasis believes that its Transcend Platform, with its ability to naturally transport almost any therapeutic into the CNS in a natural, effective, safe and non-invasive manner, may herald a new era in neuroscience. The impediments to drug delivery into the brain may finally be overcome by linking therapeutic agents with biOasis’ proprietary Transcend Platform, offering the potential to treat hundreds of CNS diseases and brain disorders.


biOasis has a breakthrough solution, to Transcend the Blood Brain Barrier


The impediments to current drug delivery systems into the brain may be overcome by linking therapeutic agents to biOasis’ proprietary Transcend platform, offering treatments to many untreatable CNS diseases and brain disorders.