Our biOasis team recently attended the BIO International Convention in San Francisco,
California (June 6 -­‐ 9). The conference is one of the largest of its kind in the world, attracting over 15,000 biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry leaders who come together for a week of intensive networking to discover new opportunities and promising partnerships. Our management and science teams spent months preparing for this event and I want to publicly thank the members of our team for the hard work and contributions they made in making this a seminal opportunity for biOasis, and most certainly a watershed event for the company.

Our meeting schedule was full and very productive thanks to our Business Development Team. The invaluable connections established at the conference helped us to nurture and solidify existing relationships, and to open new, budding relationships that hold the promise of future opportunities.

Our technology message was strong, backed with powerful data and validation. In a session led by Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Dr. Reinhard “Gaba” Gabathuler, our chief scientist, gave a stellar scientific presentation after travelling overnight from Switzerland to attend the conference. Working on just a couple of hours of sleep, he managed to engage the crowd of PhD’s with his massive knowledge, affable delivery and dry wit. Who’d have thought science could be that entertaining! The conference organizers were certainly well impressed and gave biOasis a feature article in their newsletter that was distributed daily during the conference. A copy of the article can be found here.

From a strictly business perspective, I believe that this event was a major milestone for the company as it brought into sharp focus the accomplishments of the company since we went public in 2008. It is particularly gratifying to look back to when we first began with what we believed to be a compelling idea, but only a concept at that point. We have now moved from that CONCEPT stage, through the methodical, meticulous process of RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT, making sure that we protected our intellectual property every step of the way with a solid patenting strategy. And finally, we brought our “Concept” to fruition and began the COMMERCIALIZATION of the Transcend Platform by offering licensing opportunities to the pharmaceutical industry.

It was apparent to me at the conference, and validating to realize that now, within the industry and among our peers, biOasis is considered a leader in blood-­‐brain barrier research and development and that we have a promising, elegant solution to the centuries-­‐ old problem of delivering therapeutic drugs across the blood-­‐brain barrier. We’re not done yet! But the future is looking good.

Thank you once again to our Management Team, to our Board, to all of our research partners and, of course, to all of our patient investors.

Rob Hutchison, CEO