Our Company

biOasis Technologies Inc. (TSX-V:BTI) is a publically traded biopharmaceutical company focused on developing and commercializing proprietary pharmaceutical products and diagnostic technologies for central nervous system ("CNS") diseases and disorders. Of particular interest is the creation of therapeutic options for patient management to address the limitations to biodistribution presented by the properties of the blood-brain barrier ("BBB"). 

Our Business Strategy
BTI's business strategy emphasizes out-licensing its technologies to qualified partners, and strategic acquisitions of products and technologies relevant to the diagnosis and management of CNS diseases and disorders.

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TRANSCEND is a protein Vector that shuttles existing therapeutic drugs across the Blood-Brain Barrier. In November 2010 Bioasis sponsored a research agreement with the National Research Council of Canada to evaluate the ability of biOasis' compounds to cross the blood-brain barrier using real time-domain in vivo optical imaging.

Media & Research

September 18, 2014
biOasis Initiates MPS II Study with Renowned Lysosomal Storage Disease Expert Dr. Maurizio Scarpa and The Brains for Brain Foundation
BIOASIS TECHNOLOGIES INC. (OTCQX:BIOAF; TSX.V:BTI), the pioneering biopharmaceutical company focused on the delivery of therapeutic drugs across the blood-brain barrier ("BBB"), announces a study to investigate the ability of its Transcend BBB transport platform technologies to deliver to the Central Nervous System of a knockout animal model, the therapeutic enzyme required to correct the neurological disorder, MPS II, or Hunter Syndrome. The study will be conducted by way of a biOasis grant to the Brains for Brain Foundation ("B4B") of Padova, Italy, headed by renowned Lysosomal Storage Disease expert, Dr. Maurizio Scarpa, Founder and President of the Foundation.