Our Company

biOasis Technologies Inc. is a ground-breaking biopharmaceutical company focused on the delivery of therapeutics across the blood-brain barrier and into the brain tissue. The delivery of therapeutics across the blood-brain barrier represents the single greatest challenge in the treatment of over a thousand common and rare diseases of the central nervous system.

biOasis is seeking to address these unmet medical needs with its proprietary Transcend Platform. Designed to transport therapeutics of varying types and sizes across the blood-brain barrier, the Transcend Platform is based on Receptor Mediated Transcytosis, nature’s own method of carrying compounds into the brain.

Located in Vancouver, Canada, biOasis is a publicly-traded company on the OTCQB under the symbol BIOAF and on the TSX Venture Exchange under BTI.

Our Business Strategy

biOasis’ business strategy is to develop and commercialize its proprietary Transcend drug-delivery Platform through the advancement of high value internal therapeutic programs, while executing broad licensing models with reputable pharmaceutical partners for the advancement of their therapeutics to clinical trials and commercialization.

When Transcend was conjugated with Trastuzumab it was shown in vivo to deliver Trastuzumab across the BBB and into the brain.

Antibodies directed at Aβ could offer therapeutic opportunities for reducing amyloid plaques in the brain for a potential treatment in Alzheimer’s disease.

Lysosomal storage diseases (“LSD”) are rare inherited metabolic diseases caused by a defective gene that result in an enzyme deficiency in lysosome cellular structures.

Small-Interfering RNA (siRNA) is a gene silencing technology which can be used to reduce the expression (commonly called a “knock-down”) of specific disease causing genes.